Successful Projects

Teppco Port Arthur Tank Farm Terminal

Grassroots Electrical & Instrumentation Project – 69KV Substation, Power Distribution, Cable Tray, Grounding, Lighting,

DCS Controls, Fiber Optic Wiring, Instrument Installation and calibration



Certified Technical Services – Targa-Cogen

Grounding, Lighting, Electrical & Instrumentation



Houston Bio Diesel – Grassroots Bio-Diesel Plant

480V MCC’s Cable Tray, Grounding, Lighting, Power, Control, Instrumentation, Calibration, Loop

Check & Commissioning



Teppco Grant Avenue – Pump Station

69KV Substation, 480V REC Building, Grounding, Lighting, Power, Controls, Instrumentation, Calibration,

Loop Check & Commissioning



Driver Pipeline – Station 4 & 5

Ditch & Install Conduit and Wire



TEPPCO – Webster Station

Install wire, incoming K disconnect pole, & wire for new facility, install PLC cabinet, connect 800 HP motor




EPCO Inc. – Teppco Baytown

Electrical and Instrumentation Installation



L-Con – Reichhold Vapor Recovery Project

Power, Controls, Instrumentation, Calibration, & Loop Check



Stan Trans Partners – Tank 2001 Grounding

Terminate Cable, Install High and Low Cable Side



Stan Trans Partners – Tauber Fall Protection System

Install Electrical Power and Lighting



Nu-Star – Tank Farm Addition

15KV Service, PEC Building, Cable Tray, Grounding, Lighting, Power, Controls, Instrumentation, Calibration, Loop Check

& Commissioning



Certified Tech/Reliant Channelview

Third Low Pressure Water Pump, electrical, grounding, & instrumentation



Certified Technical Services – Channelview Generating Station

Install 3rd Low Pressure Water Pump – Electrical & Instrumentation



Galveston Mud Plant

480V Service, PEC Building, Grounding, Lighting, Power, Controls, & Instrumentation



Air Products, LLC – LaPorte Security

Install Electrical Equipment for Security Upgrade

$64, 537.00


Infrastruct Security

Vopak Deer Park Plant Security Project



Infrastruct/Vopak – Deer Park Security Enhancement Project

Includes new wood poles, poleline, fiber optic cable & conduit/cable to cameras, fence gates, turnstiles, etc



TEPPCO – EPCO Katy Station #3

Install instrument, conduit, tray bulkhead, MCC-1001 modifications, cable & wire installation


Stan Trans Partners

Marathon Tanks Project



Superior Tubing, LTD.

Equipment 480V Feeders East End



Encon, LC/Trunkline Gas – Kountze, TX

Natural Gas Pump Station Automation

Poleline, electrical, lighting, grounding, & instrumentation on a 900 hp compressor installation



TEPPCO – Bertron Station

Pump Station Retrofit



PRSI – Tank Level Gauge Wiring



EPCO Inc. – Teppco Bertron Station

Install Wiring & Equipment, connect to PLC


This is a list of some of the successful projects completed by Bayou Electrical Services!